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Adamas Premium Lubricants

The Adamas Premium Lubricants are developed in consultation with our customers, to live up to and comply with the sectors high standards and needs. Therefore our Premium Oils, Greases, Additives and Cleaners can be used in even the harshest of circumstances in every sector imagineable.


In order to achieve the best maintenance outcomes, our highly trained maintenance consultants can help you choose the best Lubricants for your specific needs, keeping all circumstances in mind.

Food-grade Lubricants

We have developed a special range of products that comply with the strict requirements of the food industry. More...

Biodegradable Lubricants

With our Biodegradable Lubricants we take care of your equipment and the well-being of our planet. More...

Specific Lubricants

Our wide range of Specific Lubricants is designed to make your equipment perform smoothly under all conditions. More...

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