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Maintenance with “a diamonds touch”

Adamas Industries aims to achieve a collaboration that results in compliance with your specific maintenance needs and achieves your complete satisfaction. We want to provide you with premium quality lubricants that guarantee you the best  protection for your equipment in all circumstances, in order to increase your profitability.

This is why we  have developed a wide range of oils, greases, additives and cleaners for  your general maintenance requirements, but also for your very specific and highly demanding situations.

Our products are based on many years of experience, interaction with our clients and continuous research and innovation. As a result our Premium Lubricants have a unique formula and are composed of the highest quality ingredients.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards with the aim of increasing your production efficiency, prolonging the life of your equipment, lowering your overall production costs and establishing a long term cooperation.

Lubricants that cover all conditions and Industries

Adamas Industries offers you a wide range of Premium Lubricants that are suitable for even the most extreme conditions. You can be sure to find a suitable product in our Premium Lubricants line that will meet your highest standards. Even in the harshest of environments, the Adamas Lubricants do what they have been designed to do: Protect your equipment.

High or low temperatures, immense pressures, acids, water, dust, high speed, heavy load, sand, sludge and other contaminants. Adamas Lubricants cover them all.

While developing our products, we always keep in mind our customers’ needs. As a result we also have biodegradable lubricants  and products that even cover the strict demands of the Food industry.

This way all industries imagineable can profit from the benefits of Premium Adamas Lubricants.

High-tech, food & agricultural industries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, amusement sector, mining, transportation, container services, medical sector, construction, automotive, heavy industry, ...

How to “motivate” your equipment

As a company, you want all your resources to be as effective as possible and motivation can be a key element in this. We have developed the perfect “motivator” for your machinery.

A professional maintenance, with Premium Lubricants, can make your machines perform better, making them resources you can rely on. Take a look at all the advantages that Adamas’ Premium Lubricants can offer:

  • Less service on your equipment

  • Reducing the wear of parts

  • Lower cost on spare parts

  • Extending the life of your machines

  • Less consumption of lubricants

  • Less work stoppage

  • A higher production rate

  • Lower overall maintenance cost

Aiming for a profitable partnership

As a committed partner we are constantly  responding to our customers’ specific needs. Adamas Industries’ philosophy is that partnership is a full package deal aimed at maximising your profitability.

Choosing Adamas Industries gives you:

  • A customised set of Premium Lubricants covering your specific maintenance demands

  • Personal assistance in using Adamas products, aiming for the best results

  • Regular follow up on your maintenance requirements and experiences

  • A lower enviromental footprint due to improved maintenance efficiency

  • A higher trust in the functioning of your equipment

  • A cost effective and profitable partnership

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