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Specialised Lubrication Equipment

Since Adamas Industries is aiming for the highest quality and an optimal performance, it seems only obvious that we also offer you a range of high quality lubrication equiment.

We found a partner in MATO, a company that enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence.

The MATO Lubrication equipment enables you to handle and supply the Adamas lubricants reliably, safely, economically and ecologically.

Mato Lube shuttle.png
Manual Equipment

We offer grease guns and manual high pressure lubrication equipment like the Mato Bucket-Greaser, which is designed to perform lubrication jobs effortless at pressure rates up to 400 bar, feeding directly from standard grease buckets and hobbocks.

Mato pneumatic.png
Pneumatic Equipment

Pneumatic high-pressure lubrication equipment have become indispensable in the contemporary professional workshop environment. 

Mato electric.png
Electric Equipment

Battery operated grease guns offer user-friendly greasing at unrivalled mobility.

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