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MATEXPO - 11---15 SEPTEMBRE 2019


We will be there to demonstrate the benefits that you will experience by using our products.

Adamas introduces the Biodegradables!

Discover the "Green Lubricant"

It's not really green, but yet, it is. Confusing? Our newest range of Biodegradable Lubricants are carefully manufactured with ingredients that are friendly for the environment. Due to intensive research, the Adamas Biodegradable Lubricants are also high performing,  taking your maintenance to the higher, greener, level.

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Will you save money on your maintenance?

Lubricants: it's not about the price, it's about performance! A well planned maintenance with Premium Lubricants, which are developed to specifically meet your working conditions and your equipment specifications, can really make the difference.​


Save money by:

  • fewer maintenance hour

  • less downtime on your equipment

  • better performance of your machinery

  • reduced  need for spare parts.

Invite our maintenance consultants and discover how the Premium Adamas Lubricants can increase your efficiency!

Adamas' Premium Lubricants

Food-grade Lubricants

Our LF-Products are specifically developed to meet the high standards in the food-industry. All these Lubricants are NSF-approved.

Biodegradable Lubricants

All Lubricants in our LB-range are suited for those situations where risk of environmental contamination  needs to be controlled.

Specific Lubricants

Even in the harshest of circumstances you will find a dedicated product in our wide range of specific Lubricants (LS-range) that will maintain your equipment optimally.


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